Southern East Coast Beach Destinations

If you’re looking to take a beach vacation on the east coast, there are a lot of great destinations for you to consider. Take a look at some of the most popular Southern East Coast beaches and what they have to offer.


With the ocean surrounding almost all of Florida, this state offers a lot of options for beach destinations. Some of the most popular beaches in Florida are Miami Beach, Cocoa Beach and the islands that make up the Florida Keys.

If you are flying to Florida, there are several major airports in the state that offer the convenience of arriving nearest your beach destination. Another benefit of visiting Florida is the nearly year-round warm weather. While you may not have 80 degrees and sunny every day, you can still enjoy being near the water without a winter jacket, and most other East Coast beaches cannot offer this luxury.

If you are planning to visit Disney World or Universal Studios in addition to your beach trip, the most convenient beach option will be beaches around the Ft. Lauderdale area. 

South Carolina

Moving up the coast, North and South Carolina will offer the next biggest selection of beach destinations along the east coast.

Some of the most popular beaches in South Carolina include Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. If you are a golfer, be sure to head to Hilton Head as it is not only a popular destination for the beaches but also the incredible golf courses. Myrtle Beach is well-known to be an affordable beach vacation option.

If you are looking for the charm of an old city combined with the allure of beachfront vacations, vacationing in Charleston is for you. A quick trip over the bridge from downtown Charleston is the popular Folly Beach. 

North Carolina

Moving up into North Carolina, you will find popular beach town destinations such as the Outer Banks and Wilmington.

The Outer Banks is the perfect destination for a slower-paced vacation. The Outer Banks boasts no high-rise hotels blocking the ocean view which makes North Carolina beachfront rentals easy to find. While it is sure to be a crowded beach town during the summer months, you will still feel a relaxed beach town atmosphere.

Wilmington is another popular beach town destination offering easy access to both Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach. 

Depending on where you are traveling from and how you plan to get there, you can surely find a Southern East Coast beach destination that works well for you.