Preparing Your Rural Property for a New House

More people than ever before are moving away from the cities and into the suburbs. For some, nearby housing communities are not far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Those individuals are choosing to build homes on rural properties located in the country. If you are one of those independent, countryside loving people, here are some helpful hints about what you can expect when you build a rural home.


Unless your property is perfectly flat, slopes must be leveled, and dips should be filled in. Your contractor will hire a bulldozer or earthmover that will flatten the ground before home construction can begin. Depending on how much soil is displaced, a dump truck may be needed to haul the big rocks and extra dirt away.


If your acreage has trees, brush, and other types of vegetation growing on it, some of the trees may need to be removed or cleaned up before preparing the ground for building. Call in a tree services Green Cove Springs FL, to grind the stumps and eliminate hazardous branches.


Proper drainage is essential for country homes. Water levels naturally rise and fall during the year, and when the water tables are high, the liquid could seep into your house. Your contractor will establish a sufficient drainage area around your home and your septic tank – if you have one.


Country utilities may not automatically be provided to your building site. In fact, many companies request homeowners pay to have pipes, lines, and fibers laid to the edge of the lot. Water in rural areas often comes from wells dug near the house, and internet choices may be limited.

When choosing to build a country home, there are many new and exciting rural experiences you will encounter. Hopefully, the majority of those new events will be positive!